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Wholesale 100% Natural Best Garlic Extract Powder Allicin in Bulk

Product Name: Garlic Extract Powder
Latin Name : Allium Sativum L.
CAS No. : 539-86-6
Specification:0.5%,2%,1% Allicin
Active Ingredient: Allicin
Plant Part Used: Bulb
Apperance :White to light yellow Powder
Test Methods: HPLC
  • GHB

Product Description

Garlic Extract Powder

Introduction of Garlic Extract Powder Allicin 

Many clinical trials have been conducted by researchers in USA and Europe to evaluate the medicinal use of garlic such as in cholesterol control. In a meta analysis of garlic clinical trials, for treating hypercholesterolemia, 13 randomized, placebo-controlled,and double blind trials were identified. The analysis revealed that all but three trials showed that garlic is significantly superior to placebo in the reduction of total cholesterol levels. When all trials are pooled together, a significant reduction in total cholesterol levels is found in patients taking garlic. The level of reduction in total cholesterol is on average at 15.7 mg/dL (200 mg/dL is the point considered to be high cholesterol). The same analysis does not find garlic makes any significant reduction in low-density lipoprotein (LDL, bad) cholesterol levels and any significant increase in high-density lipoprotein (HDL, good) cholesterol levels.


Function of Garlic Extract Powder Allicin 

1. Wide-spectrum antibiotic, bacteriostasis and sterilization.

2. Clearing away heat and toxic material, activating blood and dissolving stasis.

3. Lowering blood pressure and blood-fat.

4. Protecting brain cell.

5. Resisting tumor.

6. Enhancing human immunity and delaying aging.


                                                           Chemical changes in garlic

Application of Garlic Extract Powder Allicin 

1.Garlic is a natural antibiotic that kills 27 different pathogens and has significant effect on our immune system.

2As a restorative herb, garlic can enjoy a significant role in balancing a stressful life along with a fatigued body.

3.A healthy immune system is necessary to fight cancer, and we already know conclusively that garlic supports that system.

4.One of the most common ailments garlic can treat is the cold.

5.Heart disease. there are many benefits of garlic that aid in preventing and treating cancer.

5.Impotence. Garlic has also been found to be helpful to those dealing with impotence.

6.Pregnancy. Garlic supplementation helps weight-gain for babies that may be at risk for low birth weight.  

In animal feeding area, garlic extract has proved to have the following function: 

1.Improve feed utilization: Added to feed grazing animals such as calltle, sheep and horse,and to promote their growth of weight, to prevent them from disease, to improve their survival rate and their feed utilization;

2.Increase milk yield: the product has a rich natural flavor and make the daily grain feedstuff be food attractant to cows, which averagely increase 2 kg per cow in daily milk production, amplitude rate up to 10%;

3.This product can be used in effective deisinfection and sterilization to protect the animals from the internal pathogens in their body and the external pathogens from moldy feedstuff and environmental pollution that often causes diseases during the breeding of grazing animals;     
4.Enhance appetite and digestion of grazing animals. Especially cattle and sheep are fed more hard forage, which reduce their appetite and digestion. The product can be mixed with the grain feedstuff and offer a food attractant to grazing animals, to enhance their appetite, to promote their digestion, to increase breeding efficiency.

For pig

Adding 200ppm allicin to the fattening pig feed, the results showed that: no dysentery, enteritis, increased appetite, bright hair color, strong body, increased weight gain of 6.2%, feed utilization increased by 11.8%, and can control mites, Hookworms are ill.


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Packing & Delivery
After the production and test are finished, the powder would be well packed and stored in our warehouse.
  • packing
    1. 1kg-10kg packing: 2 P.E. bag inside + 1 foil bag outside
    2. 15kg packing: 2 P.E. bag inside + 1 foil bag outside in carton
    3. 25kg-50kg packing: 2 P.E. bag inside + 1 foil bag outside in drum

  • delivery
    1.1kg-50kg,  Internation Express, Fast and convenient, Door To Door   
    Air TransportationFast and cheap, To Air Port  
    3..>500kg, Sea
      Transportation, Cheap and convenient, To Port
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