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Why is Stevia Known As The Third Largest Sugar Source In The World?

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Stevia is native to Paraguay and Brazil. Now it is also grown in China, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries. Its sweet taste component is composed of stevioside and stevioside A, B, C, D and E. Stevioside can be extracted, clarified, and crystallized from dried leaves with water. Three types are obtained in actual production, which are crude extracts and products with a purity of 50% and 90%, respectively. It is a new type of natural sweetener. It has the characteristics of high sweetness and low thermal energy, its sweetness is 300 times that of sucrose, and its calorific value is only 1/300 of sucrose. A large number of drug experiments have proven that stevia has no toxic side effects, no carcinogens, and is safe to eat. Regular consumption can prevent hypertension, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, dental caries and other diseases. . ‍

 stevia extract .

Stevia can be widely used in food, beverage, medicine, daily chemical, brewing, cosmetics and other industries, and can save 60% of the cost compared with the application of sucrose. Stevia has a pure white color, suitable taste and no odor, and it is a new sugar source with broad development prospects. After sugarcane and beet sugar, it is the third natural sucrose substitute with development value and healthy respect. It is internationally known as "the third sugar source in the world". ‍


Why is stevia known as the third largest sugar source in the world? The sweet components in stevia are glycosides. Glycosides, also known as glycosides or glycosides, are compounds formed by the condensation of a sugar or a derivative of a sugar with another non-sugar compound through the end carbon atoms of the sugar. Hydrolysis of glycosides can generate two parts of sugar and non-sugar. The non-sugar part is called aglycon or aglycone. Unlike sucrose, stevia does not generate heat, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of modern diseases such as diabetes, obesity and dental caries. ‍


Sucrose is a disaccharide with fructose and glucose as the main components, and is both a source of nutrition and a supplier of heat energy. Stevia is an olefinic glycoside with high sweetness and low calorific value. Stevia is used in beverages and foods. It is not easy for people to gain weight after long-term consumption. It is especially suitable for patients with obesity, diabetes, hypertension, dental caries and other diseases, and has high safety. Pharmacological experiments at home and abroad have proven that stevia is a non-carcinogenic food, non-toxic and no side effects. No problems were found in acute, subacute, and slow animal tests. The residents of the place of origin have been eating for hundreds of years, and no poison has been found so far. Physicochemical stability, no fermentation, so it can extend the shelf life than sucrose products. Stevia has a high degree of sweetness and lasts a long time without browning. It is extremely beneficial to maintain the true color of beverages and foods. ‍


Using stevia to replace part of sucrose processed foods and beverages can not only reduce costs, but also meet the requirements of foods and beverages to gradually develop low sugar.

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