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A Natural Ingredients Supplier

As a manufacturer of plant extract, we are dedicated to delivering 100% natural plant ingredients to this world. Besides antioxidant ingredients, we also produce a wide range of extracts powder, including grape seed extract, green tea extract, tongkat ali extract, rhodiola rosea extract etc....

Natural Plant
Extract Plant
Fine Powder

Make The Best Extracts

We strive to operate with the highest standards extract powder to exceed expectations of our customers and make us one of the best natural extract powder suppliers in China.

Our production process is strict with GMP standard to ensure the quality of our extract powder
production process
  • Raw Material Control
    We operate our own plant base to ensure the quality of our extract powder from the very beginning of the production.
  • Equipment Control
    We have advanced extraction, separation, purification and drying equipment and advanced quality testing equipment, etc.
  • Management Control
    ISO9001 Certified & GMP Certified
  • Quality Control
    ISO9001 Certified & Kosher Certified
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