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These are related to the plant extract news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in plant extract and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand plant extract market.
  • Dec 22, 2015

    Extraction, Isolation and Characterization of Bioactive Compounds from Plants' Extracts

    Natural products from medicinal plants, either as pure compounds or as standardized extracts, provide unlimited opportunities for new drug leads because of the unmatched availability of chemical diversity. Due to an increasing demand for chemical diversity in screening programs, seeking therapeutic drugs from natural products, interest particularly in edible plants has grown throughout the world. Botanicals and herbal preparations for medicinal usage contain various types of bioactive compounds. The focus of this paper is on the analytical methodologies, which include the extraction, isolation and characterization of active ingredients in botanicals and herbal preparations.

  • Nov 30, 2015

    Chinese Traditional Medicine - It Really Works!

    Pancreatic cancer is a common malignancy with a high mortality. Most patients present clinically with advanced pancreatic cancer. Moreover, the effect of radiotherapy or chemotherapy is limited. Complementary and alternative medicines represent exciting adjunctive therapies. In this study, we ascertained the beneficial and adverse effects of Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) in combination with conventional therapy for inoperable pancreatic cancer by using meta-analysis methods for controlled clinical trials...

  • Nov 18, 2015

    Herbalist learned to use plants for remedies

    Sometimes solutions for ailments are growing right under Kate Bodmann’s nose. The community herbalist finds remedies for all kinds of conditions outside. Bodmann uses flowers, nettles, weeds and more to help support overall health and well-being.

  • Nov 11, 2015

    North America Phytochemicals and Plant Extract

    The North American phytochemicals & plant extracts market is estimated to grow from $675.9 million in 2014 to $1.01 billion by 2019, at a CAGR of 8.3% during the period under consideration.

  • Nov 09, 2015

    Plant extract industry is booming

    The first major exporter of Chinese plant extracts is the United States accounting for exports of 30.06%. The 21.82% are exported to Europe, 16.86% are exported to Japan. Plant extracts advantage of China's vast plant resources and relatively low operating costs. Increase of the overall trend of global aging and the natural demand for drugs will continue to provide a huge market space, which provides development opportunities for China's plant extracts. Plant extracts come from agricultural products, development of the industry will be able to drive a new type of rural development.

  • Nov 06, 2015

    Whole Herbs vs. Standardized Herbal Extracts

    The mainstream use of herbal medicines is becoming increasingly popular, and there are many herbal products to choose from. With so many choices, it is easy to get confused about which forms of herbs are right for you. One important decision is whether to use whole herbs or standardized herbal extracts. This can be tricky, because even the experts are split on this issue. Therefore, it is best to know the facts about the difference between the two so that you can make an informed decision.

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  • Product Name: 5-HTP Griffonia Simplicifolia Seed Extract Latin Name : Griffonia simplicifolia (Vahl ex DC) Baill. Appearance: Milk White Powder Specification:98% ghana seed extract Molecular Formula: C11H12N2O3 Molecular Weight: 220.23 CAS No.: 4350-09-8 EINECS No.: 224-411-1
  • Product Name:Mangosteen Extract Specification: 10%, 20%, 30%, 90%, 95% Active Ingredient: Mangostin Color: Bright yellow, brown Test Method:HPLC CAS No: 6147-11-1 Chemical Formula: C24H26O6HS
  • Product Name: Huperzia Serrata Extract Huperzine A Specification: 1%-99.99% Active Ingredient: Huperzine A Color: White CAS No: 102518-79-6 Chemical Formula: C15H18N2O Storage: Cool and dry place
  • Product Name: Spirulina powder Latin Name: Spirulina Test Method:TLC Appearance: Fine green Powder Active Ingredient: Protein Specification: 50% 55% 60% protein
  • Product Name: Konjac Root Extract Powder Specification:10%-98% Active Ingredient:glucomannan Certificate:HACCP Test Method:HPLC TLC Categories: root, dietary supplements Application: Dietary Supplements Function: Weight loss



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